Wander By Proxy brings stories from women about the priceless experiences collected while traveling. For those privileged enough to have a travel story—a moment where, while you left the safety of home, you suddenly felt more connected to yourself, the people around you, or the world—it has probably become part of your internal framework. Wander By Proxy host Leah Falyn interviews travelers about these life-changing turning points. Rather than providing a travel guide to a variety of countries, she uses the “show, don’t tell” method by diving into others’ stories and extracting their deeper effect.

When women are out of their comfort zone and exercise their power through travel, chances are, they’ve recaptured something in themselves or have discovered something completely new. Stories have always been transportation devices, whether you’re reflecting on your own or intently listening to someone else’s. Wander By Proxy satisfies a travel fix that’s bound to take you where you want to go—vicariously.

Wander By Proxy is available every other Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts and can be contacted at wanderbyproxy@gmail.com. For episode updates and teasers, follow Wander By Proxy on Instagram @wanderbyproxypodcast or on any of your social channels.

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